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In that book, Frances is cured of her picky eating habits when her mother serves her favorite snack, bread and jam, at every meal.

She quickly tires of bread and jam and longs for variety in her diet. The stumper requester is looking for a different book! In that book, Frances only wants bread and jam to eat because it is so wonderful, and so she begins to have it served to her at every meal. At first she is happy with the situation but after awhile, watching her family and friends continue to eat makes her less of a picky eater, and she gives up her bread and jam.

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It doesn't sound like the book in question. In that book, Frances only wants to eat bread and jam for every meal until her parents gently convince her to eat other things. And Frances never had a little brother. That book is about Francis being a picky eater, so her mother gives in and just gives her bread and jam for every meal. After a few days of this, she realizes "What I am, is tired of jam".

In that book, Frances refuses to eat anything but bread and jam, and her parents indulge her This would not be the book Bread and Jam for Francis! I'm afraid I do not know the title the reader is searching for, but Bread and Jam for Francis is about a little girl badger that only wants to eat jam sandwiches.

Her mother makes them for her so often that little Francis finally decides to expand her mealtime repetoire. Francis does no babysitting, and she has a little sister, not a brother. Bread and Jam has no baby sitting and no mess. A mongoose babysits 5 possums. It's also not No trouble at all Bardstown , about Grandpa Bear babysitting his two grandcubs, even though, oddly enough, there is both a pillow fight and a jam incident in it. You are NOT hallucinating!!! I found your book today at a library booksale!!! While these animals look sort of like bears they are actually raccoons. The story is as you describe.

The feathers from the pillow get stuck all over little brother because of all the sticky jam. A cute story!! Thank you so much to whoever it was that solved my book mystery! I am so excited to start hunting down this book. Thanks again!! B Sounds like one of two books by Patricia M. Scarry - 1 Waggy and his Friends 2 More about Waggy There is a rabbit doll named Bun Bun, plus Lion and Lumpy. The heroine inherits an old house on the Cornish coast. I was looking for my copy last night so I could check whether it's the one where she finds valuable furniture and china stored away in the attic, but couldn't locate it.

That does definitely happen in one of her books, though. Carla inherits an old house in Cornwall from her Uncle. She travels there and is served Scones and clotted cream by the old housekeeper. Romance comes in the form of the friendly doctor, the mysterious housekeeper's grandson and a lawyer. There is a mystery surrounding an ancient curse about mermen. She finds a couple of barrels of old dishes in the attic that raise enough money to let her stay in England a bit longer.

Carla Tregallas, American, inherits the ancestral house in Cornwall - not Maine, but similar rocky stormy coast with fishing villages. The house and estate are very rundown, paintings and furnishings have been sold off, staff let go and so on.

In between dealing with the mystery and ancestral curse, Carla looks for ways to keep the house. Sample scones and clotted cream episodes are on pp. Molly moves into a converted church with her mother, stepfather and younger stepsister Heather. Heather is irresistibly attracted to the cemetery behind the church, while Molly is afraid of it.

Heather bonds with Helen, a mysterious ghost who tries to drown Heather so that they can be friends forever. Marshall, James Vance, Walkabout , Two children survive a plane crash in Australia. They are helped through the desert to safety by an aboriginal boy.

In this story, an American brother and sister en route to a reunion with their parents are stranded in the Australian outback when their plane crashes. A young Aborigine helps them survice. The movie that came out in the seventies starred Jenny Agutter. T Only help I can give is to mention the movie based on a true story, Miracles Still Happen You can read the viewer comments here.

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It takes place in the Amazon, however. The girl gets rescued by following a small stream to a river, since rivers, her father had told her, always lead to a village or a city. Maybe this? A girl survives a plane crash off the coast of British Columbia, and then faces survival in the wilderness, a feat which calls upon her courage, her endurance, and her skills.

I am the one who submitted this stumper. And I will look for a copy of Trial by Wilderness , but I highly doubt that is it either. Amazon has that one listed as a age range, whereas the book I am looking for I am quite sure would be in the Young Adult teen range.

I will check it out though. Thanks for the help so far! Any other ideas anyone? Sounds an awful lot like this story, except no plane crash. Girl huge fan of baseball player- pitcher?

Red Sox? She remembers dad telling her once to follow streams if lost.

  1. Hidden Dimensions: The Unification of Physics and Consciousness (Columbia Series in Science and Religion).
  2. TECHNOSENSUAL. where fashion meets technology?
  3. The Nineteenth Century: 7 (History of Costume and Fashion)?
  4. Children of the Halo (Engines of Creation Book 1).

That advice leads her to barren bogs- in Maine of course, this is Stephen King. She survives, much skinnier too. Thanks for the continued help, but my stumper hasn't been solved yet.

Bird teases dog and cat

And I know it is definitely not the Stephen King suggestion either. I so want to find this one! Any other thoughts anyone? Sorry, that is the only description!