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Steve Gregory sat on form peg 65 and watched the fish all day in the gap. Shaun Moss , Marc White, Steve Oswick and Paul Paul 'Valentino' Spittlehouse all admitted to losing at least 8 up to 13 fish while others really struggled for any bites at all. We tried the canal section today in the carp do not count match. I had bites from my 1st put in on my top 2 for 5 hours, millions of "eyes" mugging the maggot but when they are at least 2 or 3 to the ounce you need a few bonus fish.

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I hooked and lost 2 carp while Jeff managed to get all 7 that he hooked out - probably wasted at least 45 minutes - oops! When this net of silvers only makes second place, you know it's not fished too bad at all!

Not many have done 5 in a row at lychgate. The bream pretty much did a disappearing act but bites for 5 hours from everything else that swims made it a really enjoyable day. Especially if you were on the sunny side of the pond.

If you win more than one match then you can earn extra pounds to your Lycho Mania a maxium of 5lb. A brilliant 41 fished, only Luke being unable to make his place. Maggie Dexter did the breakfast rolls in the morning and she has promised that she will be there with burgers for the weigh in and presentation for the next one.

Lychgate - "Letter XIX" ["An Antidote for the Glass Pill" Premiere - 2015]

Jane - qualifiers start tomorrow for !!! Friday Silvers Match 7th September We tried the canal section today in the carp do not count match. These came to me mainly on the bread but Jeff caught on corn. But the origins of The Lyke Wake Walk go back hundreds of years to a poem about the imagined journey of the soul after death; the composer Benjamin Britten made a wonderfully evocative setting of this text. The lych-gate offers a transition point.

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As we go to and from the church, we pass beneath its roof with a sense of approaching or leaving a special sacred space. But on the occasion of a funeral there is an added resonance: the lych-gate representing the boundary crossed by the soul, as it frees itself from earthly ties.

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For hall enquiries: please call Laith Spencer on Email: lee. Tel: office edgbastonoldchurch.

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