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Peter recently contacted me to see if I would be interested in receiving a copy of Surviving Paradise, One Year on a Disappearing Island , and I was happy to check it out. Surviving Paradise is set in the Marshall Islands: which are most famous for having the crap blown out of the by the Americans to see if their nuclear arsenal worked. Peter seems to share my love of off the beaten track places check out my posts on Kosovo and Kazakhstan.

He rolls up to a small atoll called Ujae, where he will spend a year of his life teaching English to the local children. Ujae is a remote speck in a big pond — the closest place are the Philippines just down the road at miles to the west and Hawaii, miles to the east.

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As would most people would, Peter arrives at Ujae with a number of assumptions and preconceptions, only for them to be immediately shattered on arrival. In fact, his first night finds him wanting to swim back to somewhere else. But after a while, he warms to the Marshallese Culture and people and is accepted as one of their own.

If fact, he has a go at spear fishing himself.

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I guess it probably looks the same on the way in and out of the body! Peter discusses the potentially catastrophic effects of climate change on the low lying Marshall Islands, which has the potential to displace its population. Overall, Peter provides some great cultural observations, which were obviously in his face for his entire time there.

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Things like students that view education as optional, to practicing bizarre church dances in the middle of the night. I enjoyed the transformation of Peter throughout his writings, and his insights on Marshall Islands life. The men heaved out their voice at the beginning of every musical phrase producing a sound almost like a grunt.

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At one point I began searching for the chapter on phrenology. Among the Marshallese, however, it has been largely ignored or otherwise politely dismissed. I have yet to meet a Marshall Islander who has read the book in its entirety, and those individuals from Ujae with whom I have spoken have expressed concern that what has been written about them and the way in which it has been written in this book is, to put it diplomatically, inappropriate. This is very much a book written by westerners for westerners, at the expense of Islanders.

Certainly, the people of the Marshall Islands deserve better. David W.


Tourism is a significant source of livelihood on many islands and tends to be based in coastal locations. Unsustainable resource use and environmental including climate changes are already posing major threats to island and coastal tourism. Such challenges are expected to increase in the future. Unfortunately, many islands have developed their tourism industry in ways that have been harmful for the natural as well as the social environment.

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Island Tourism, in fact, aims to tell the opposite of the usual bleak story, by providing examples of islands that have responded to tourism and associated challenges with ostensibly sustainable approaches. The book comprises 17 chapters. In between, the book is thematically divided into three sections with ecological, social, and economic sustainability perspectives on island tourism, each with 5 chapters.

The case studies represent a wide range of island geographies, from the Shetland Islands and sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island to the Caribbean Sea e. Croix and the Indian Ocean e. In the ecological section, the island cases are on different levels and pathways towards sustainability.

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